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Thoughts on Foods for Thought

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So, I’m building off of my question about food for thought, I realized there are a few nuances to the question that might not be obvious to start.

First, there’s the question of when would you not want brain working at full brainage.

Presumably, you would have wanted it for that previous sentence. Similarly, it presumably did not happen with your most recent sentence.

Meh, whatever.

As I was saying. There are times when you might not want full thinky things to think. Like, right before bed.

So, a warm glass of milk might not be the bestest of all possible ideas.

And next, there’s the consideration of whether you want an excuse for having a particular type of food, or whether you want most value. Like, if only super ridiculously sweetly fantastic sugar cookies with cream-cheese frosting yield my Full Thought Potential, then clearly I would need to have more of them more often.

On the other hand, something common like ice-berg lettuce would possibly increase the frequency of Brainage.

So, what are your thoughts?

Food for Thought

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So. This is just a random observation. “Food for thought” is a phrase, right?

I understand that to be the case, yes.

…That was actually supposed to be rhetorical.

Anyway. Yep. And in general, it’s supposed to be the “interesting questions” / whatevers that spin off more thoughts. Which is why it’s food for thought: You’re feeding your thoughts.

But there’s also food that helps you think better. (Like, you kinda need food in order to think. At least sometimes. And if you have a body. You know.)

So, new question: If you could make it so that a particular food always fuels your brain and could literally be “food for thought”, what food would you choose?

Happy Monday!

Something New

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So, I’m thinking about doing something a bit new this year.

As you may have noticed, I’ve recently been defaulting to YouTube videos for posts, unless there’s something I actually want to write about. Well, I’m going to try to change that a bit.

…Oh dear.

What? I thought you might like the break.

… I am withholding actual judgment, but I am not currently hopeful.


Anyway. So, I’m currently thinking I might try to either come up with or answer Conversation Starter questions when I’m drawing a blank, rather than just defaulting to YouTube.

No idea how long that’ll go. But yeah.

For example, here’s a question: You can prepare / cook / whatever a food, every time you make it, but you need to buy the ingredients. (For example, suppose Pie Crust. Any time you make a pie crust, it turns out perfectly for whatever pie it is you’re trying to make. Or Prime Rib. Or, whatever.) What do you make?

Theoretically, I’ll be figuring out an answer at some point. And then probably another. And so on.

But what are your thoughts?

Wall Textures

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

In the category of “about-as-interesting-as-watching-wet-paint-dry”, I’ve been staring at my wall for the past while, trying to think of a topic for this fluff. So naturally, it’s becoming the topic. You see, the wall is textured. And I realized, I don’t understand why some walls get textured and others don’t. More to the point, who originally created these things? Like, “let’s have a wall that looks like a cluster of mutant tree fungi got whitewashed!”. Ok, slight exaggeration. But next time you look at a Spackled Wall, just try telling me that it doesn’t look like something was growing on the wall. Something that shouldn’t have been there.

And on that note, have a good day!

Spirit… vegetables.

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

I had a really fun night last night.

I was with a group of friends. We played pictionary. And then we got into a discussion about… “spirit vegetables.”

There was actually a great deal of discussion about this one. We had one who was “cartoon asparagus”, an okra, Brussel Sprouts, tomato, and (mine) pizza.



The USA congress basically declared that pizza counts as a school vegetable. So, it’s therefore a vegetable.

At least by my standards.

So, how about you, Fluffsters? What would your “spirit vegetable” be?

Changing a Universe

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Greetings, readers.

I recently came across a rather interesting question- if you could move to any alternate universe (not your own), exactly as you are (you do not gain any special powers beyond what you already have), where would you make the most impact?

Ooh, fun question! That’s actually a bit difficult. The “impact” aspect is one I hadn’t considered before!

I think I would probably want to move to the Eddings universe where The Belgariad took place, I’m not sure I could actually make much of a change there. Or any change, really. Even if I could, I wouldn’t want to.

And it would just be so depressing to be so far behind the curve in either any sci-fi or fantasy world.

Huh. Fluffy, what about you?

After some thought and consideration, and because the question does not specify positive or negative impact-

– oh dear-

I would have to say the universe where Veggie Tales takes place. After all, where else can you destroy an entire universe, just by being yourself?

Uh… wait…


Extra large salad anyone?

That’s horrible!

Yes. But it does cause a change. In fact, I think it causes the largest change possible, given my current talents. I, after all, was never particularly adept at handling the magic even on my own world.

What about you, readers? What would your answer to this question be?

Oddest reaction to a question yet…

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Tuesday!

So, my Muffin Flavored Shrimp question is still one of my favorite questions to ask people. It’s amusing, it makes their day a little bit weirder, and overall it achieves a great effect.

Today, one of the respondents successfully made my day a little weirder, though. His response? “Well, I know from personal experience that paintballs taste bad. Odd fact, they look a lot like malt balls…”

Personally, I found that fairly odd. So people. Please. Label your paint-balls, and make it quite clear they’re note malt balls?

Have a great day!

“BatKid”- different perspectives

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Monday!

This week is starting off quite well. I ended up finishing the project I mentioned yesterday, and I had time to bake and do fun stuff with friends! I’ll find out soonish how the project is received.

For the fluff post today… I’m sure that you’ve seen one of the big stories making the rounds recently. “BatKid“, a former Leukemia patient, age 5, made headlines around the world today.

Isn’t that a sweet story? It’s so nice when people’s dreams can come true!

It’s certainly nice, for that kid.

What do you mean by “for that kid”? It really touched everyone who was there, apparently! Isn’t that a good thing!

It’s good for those people too.

But…? What aren’t you saying, Fluffy?

Why this kid in particular? People at the Make a Wish foundation mention other kids who have expressed superhero wishes, but there was never a response “like this.” So why does this kid get his true dream come true, and others not? What makes this little boy so much more special than other leukemia patients?

How are the kids who did not get the same type of response feeling?

…I don’t know. Those are different questions from what I’d been thinking about.

I still think it’s sweet that this little boy did get to live his dream. It’s really cool that a community came together and made it happen. Isn’t that enough for right now?

…I honestly don’t know.

It is a nice story, and that kid, and his parents, will probably remember this day as one of the greatest days of his childhood. That is worth something. I still don’t know about the other kids.


What are your thoughts, fluffsters? What is the proper reaction? How are we supposed to consider this, in light of the children who didn’t get as much of a wish fulfillment as this one boy?

Five Things I’ve Said that my Parents Never Expected

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In honor of my parents 31st anniversary (congratulations, Mom & Dad!) I’m sharing

Five things I’ve honestly said that my parents probably never expected to hear me say.

1) I want to take a nap. When I was a lot younger, I was one of those types of little ones. I despised nap-time. I saw no use for it, I “wasn’t tired”, and so I hated taking a nap. Now, I can’t get enough of them. I think I blame high school, and whatever social conventions have determined that regularly getting up before 10:00am is necessary.

2) Can you teach me to cook? I’m a bit surprised by this one, but this was the first thing that came to Mom’s mind when I asked her what something was that she never expected me to say. I guess that when I was a lot younger I had no interest in learning how to cook. It’s amazing what looking at allrecipes– especially the dessert, pretzel, and bread sections – will do to you! It’s almost worth the cleanup, even!

3) I want/need to take a shower/bath. I got over my extreme protestations about personal hygiene before I got to be too old. It’s still a bit of a nuisance to interrupt whatever you’re doing to go take a shower, but at least I no longer (exactly) protest. I fully realize that it is absolutely, 100% worthwhile to interrupt stuff to take a shower or bath, especially when needed.

4) Is there enough broccoli for me to have more? This especially happens when Mom makes her Broccoli Almondine recipe. It’s amazing. It’s broccoli, but it tastes good. I think Mom & Dad practically despaired of my ever liking broccoli. I liked brussel sprouts, but not that green-tree.

5) I want to study my textbook during the summer, to get a head-start on the school year! Yes, alas. College got a hold of me. I used to have this irrational worry about being “bored” in class because it would be “too easy.” My math classes broke me of that worry. Especially for classes beyond Calculus I, they are quite challenging enough. I wish I’d looked at my books earlier for more of my classes… math especially.

(Bonus) 6: Eww, mud! From what I can recall, I loved mud when I was younger. “Mud castles” were one of my favorite pass-times. Making rivers and drawbridges was also fun. I do remember tramping mud into the house several times without realizing it, and then needing to clean it up. These days, I really dislike mud. Or anything slimy, for that matter. (To be fair, I’m still ok with mud. I just don’t like getting it on my clothes.)

How about you, Fluffsters? Is there anything you say that your parents would never have expected?

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Golf Ball Video Camera

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Hello, Fluffsters! It’s a bit past my bedtime when I’m writing this, so my apologies in advance.

You know, if you don’t have an Idea you could always let me write your Fluff…

No, no. I’ve got an idea. It just might not be a very good idea.

You see, my idea is this:

What would happen if you were able to turn a miniature video camera into a golf-ball?

…You’re right. Not a very good idea.

But it is an idea.

By rough definitions, yes.

So going back to the question. I think that one or more of several events might occur.

First, the video camera might break. That would be sad. So whoever was using it would need to be fairly careful with it, to make sure it wasn’t hit too hard.

Second, it might make watchers queasy. After all, flying through the air (and possibly spinning?) at such high speeds is sure to be disconcerting…

Third, it would prove that we can call anything science. “Why did you design a video-camera golf-ball? SCIENCE!!1!”

Fourth, it could be used as a spy device by the Rainbows. Don’t ask me how, but I know they could hack into the video system somehow.

How about you, Fluffsters, any other thoughts?