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Does Firefox Know Me?

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So, the other day, I was actually using Firefox instead of Chrome. And this happened.

Don't let dress codes get in the way of fun socks!

It summarizes my philosophy towards socks!

Seriously. Several of my favorite Christmas/Birthday gifts the past few years have included fun socks! I was inspired by a teacher at a place with definite dresscodes for everything except the socks. So, yep. It’s as though Firefox knows me!

Which, again, it shouldn’t. My main browsing isn’t through Firefox. Oh well. Fun times!

Happy Thursday!


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Hello, Fluffsters. I am very happy.

A friend gave me a wonderful Christmas present… Here’s a picture.

Fuzzy polka-dotted socks


Yes, they’re socks. Fluffy, fuzzy, furry socks. Aren’t they fantastic?

Anywho. Happy Monday!

Fuzzy Slippers (2)

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Wednesday! Wow, can you believe it’s Wednesday again already?

Anyways. Today, I’m continuing the series from yesterday, and writing about:

Fuzzy Slippers (part 2)

Slippers with and without “sticky” Soles

Yes, that’s my next set of “two” comparisons. You can either get slippers with high friction stuff on them, or not. The amount of non-friction stuff you get also varies.

All-rubber Soled Slippers.

These have their place. They are not always too objectionable, either. In fact, my main pair of genuine slippers has rubber soles.

There are several advantages to this type of slipper.

1) You don’t fall on wood or tile floors. That, of course, is usually a plus.


Right. Usually. I’m sure there are certain instances when people would want to fall. Gravity checks, for example.

Ok, you’ve got me. What are “gravity checks”? Is that when

Heavens, no! Gravity checks are a public service whereby a person limits muscle control in order to ensure that gravity is still working. At the same time, they also usually end up examining the floor.

You mean they fall down.

That’s a less graceful way to put it, but yes. So, rubber soled slippers make gravity checks a bit harder. But moving on.

2) Sturdy soles allow you to wear your slippers outside. This allows you to use your slippers as props for movies. After all, how are you going to film a movie in Suburbia if you can’t go get your newspaper in your bath robe and slippers?

That’s about it for the advantages of sticky soles that I can think of.

Partially Sticky Soled Slippers

Basically, there are two advantages.

1) fewer accidental gravity checks, and

2) they take less room than the completely sticky-soled slippers. (Try saying that quickly three times in a row!) But it’s true. There are some slippers that have just a little bit of flexible, sticky stuff on the soles. These are still very compact slippers, and take less room than the full-rubber-soled slippers that cannot bend.

Non-Sticky-Soled Slippers

Aren’t these normally referred to as “socks”?

…They’re fuzzier than most socks. So maybe, but it doesn’t matter. They still have advantages. Such as:

1) SLIPPER SLIDING!! If you can stand on a slippery surface somewhere, you can also slide on it. Just take a running start, and… SLIDE! Fluffy slippers like that are the best for sliding.

2) Extra-Super-Hyper-Compact. These are slippers you can take with you anywhere. In fact, you probably should take them with you wherever you go, since they can also serve as packing material! Do you have a book you don’t want getting crushed? Pack your slippers around them! Do you want a pillow? Lean back against a slipper!

WHAT? No. Just no. That’s gross.

Ok, yeah. Maybe you shouldn’t use them as a pillow.

Packing material is still legit though.

So there you go, Fluffsters! I hope you enjoyed the analysis of this dichotomy of fuzzy slippers. Have a great rest of your weak!

Qualifying for a Qualifier Competition

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Hello, Fluffsters!

Happy Saturday! As usual this month, that means there’s a new design in my CafePress New and Now section.

…”If you use enough qualifiers, you’re usually right”? Where did that come from?

Heh. Funny story, that…

In real life, I sometimes have a tendency to use what some people consider to be a few too many qualifiers in real-life speech.

Oh. Just in real life, I see.


Anyways, a few people may have mentioned this a time or twelve. Per day, it sometimes seems. So my usual reply is that with my use of qualifiers, I’m seldom wrong. After all, I’ve mostly just said that certain things might be true under some circumstances.

Huh. Are you working on a thesis of some sort?

Not as far as I’m aware… Why do you ask?

Oh, no reason

Hm. Yeah. Back to the topic. You see, I thought that it might be amusing to create a shirt design that explained my logic.

…Yeah. Looking back at this post, if there was a competition for abusing qualifiers, I’d bet on you.

Uh… Thanks?

Anyways, happy Saturday, Fluffsters!

Purple Dancing Elephants

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Hello, Fluffsters!

So, I’ve noticed this odd trend on Facebook recently. A number of my friends spontaneously declare that they are Purple Dancing Elephants. Odd, right?

There are about two things wrong with your previous paragraph, Webmaster.

First, the fact that people refer to themselves as… what?

Purple Dancing Elephants. Or occasionally Purple Prancing Pachyderms.

Ah. Right. Yes.


So what’s the second problem?

YOU calling something odd.

Oh, come on. Surely I’ve called something odd before. And anyways, isn’t it a bit unexpected?

I’m not entirely sure what it even means!

Alright, so I do have a theory. Several possibilities, actually.

1) It’s a secret password. Post “I’m a purple dancing elephant” on your wall, and people will know you’re one of them. And you can now show support and solidarity for your fellow Purple Prancing Pachyderms!

2) It’s a sign of the upcoming invasion of the trans-dimensional Orange Surly Kangaroos. And it’s their secret password. You see, the Orange Surly Kangaroos, (just like you, Fluffy,) are somehow in a different dimension from ours. And the only way they can communicate is through Facebook accounts, and the users thereof! So every time someone posts that they’re a Purple Dancing Elephant, it’s a sign that the orange kangaroos have gained one more member. And before you ask, yes, it’s the Orange Surly Kangaroos. Because it’s the opposite of what people would expect! And if the kangaroos are from a different dimension, and they’re speaking in this dimension? Clearly they’re smart enough to know about reverse psychology and stuff.


3) Everyone who posts has spontaneously turned into a purple dancing elephant. With some sort of telepathic ability that allows them to post on Facebook, of course.

Of… course.

So, Fluffy, what are your thoughts? Why do you think people post that they’re purple dancing elephants?

Well, given that I’m inclined to doubt that people in your world spontaneously transform into large quadrupeds of abnormal coloration, I imagine your third option is out. Of the other two remaining, I think the secret password is far more likely.

From what I know of your world, though, I’m inclined to think that none of the options mentioned above are quite accurate. I think it’s far more likely that it’s just some sort of prank people pull on each other. If one person forgets to log out on another’s computer, for example, I could imagine the owner of the computer posting something ridiculous on that person’s wall.


Anyways, Fluffsters, happy Saturday! Are you doing anything interesting this weekend?

Oh, and before I forget, check out my new “I’m a purple dancing elephant” design on my CafePress store! Please? I’m really happy with how the illustration turned out, the products are at a discounted rate for a week, and I’d love any feedback you can give!

What to do with the Random Pair of Socks in your Purse.

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Greetings, Fluffsters! Happy Sunday!

Today, I’m going to be talking to you about:

What to do with the random pair of socks you find in your purse.

Ok. There’s got to be a story behind that one.

…What? Not everyone keeps a pair of socks in their purse?

Clearly not, by merit of the fact that the socks are “randomly” there.

It wouldn’t be random if they’re usually there.

Oh. Good point. Unless the socks themselves were randomly colored…?

No. So, what’s with the pair of socks in your purse?

Actually, I’m not entirely sure why I put them there this time.

This time?!

Yeah! I don’t know why they’re there this time. I don’t even remember putting them there!

Just to clarify… This is all hypothetical, isn’t it?

You don’t just randomly keep socks in your purse?

Anyways, here are some things you can do wi-

You’re serious?

Brassicae, why me? WHY?!

As I was saying, here are some things to do with your pair of socks!

5) Brainstorm how they got there. Did they come from the gap in the space-time continuum, and avoid getting eaten by the interdimensional rabid penguins of doom? Did they come from the black hole found in all dryers that suck away miscellaneous socks? Where? (If you figure out, do let me know?)

4) Sock puppets! Instant entertainment! Find other random junk to make faces, put on your hands, and voila! Instant sock puppet-age!

3) See how long it takes for them to start molding in your purse. Of course, that would probably end up smelling bad. And probably ruin the inside of your purse. But it is something you can do with socks!

What is it with you and mold?

2) Wear them. Assuming they aren’t part of your mold collection, of course. Because that would just be gross otherwise.

1) Write a blog post about them. And then talk about things you can do with them.

You were serious.

Yup! I found a random pair of socks in my purse, and I’m not sure how they got here this time. So, fluffsters, any recommendations? Or thoughts on how they got there?

And happy Sunday! I hope you have a wonderful week!

New CafePress Design (6/7/13)

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Saturday!

It’s a bit late, but did you know that yesterday was National Donut Day? I didn’t before I wrote yesterday’s post, or I would have mentioned it. Anyways, did you participate in the festifities? I had a half a stale chocolate-covered buttermilk bar. Not nearly as good as merely a glazed buttermilk bar, but still quite tasty.

But I digress.

I drew a picture last night! It didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped, but it’s still similar(ish) to what I had in mind.

A crazy artistic owl going overboard with paints

I really wonder what he’s trying to draw…

And, because it’s the weekend, I’ve updated my CafePress shop. The “You Look Comfortable” designs have moved to the Total Fluff Original Designs section, and I’ve added a new design to the New and Now section. Basically, the design is that image above, with the caption “I’m not crazy. You’re just ordinary!” For this week, products with that design are in the discounted New and Now section. So get them before next week, and save!

Brassicae fati, Webmaster. Did you really just sound like an infomercial?

…Woops. Sorry, Fluffsters!

To make up for that, here’s an offsite link to a “pointer pointer.” Trust me, you need to visit this site. It’s pretty amusing.

Anywho, Happy Saturday! I hope you have a good one. (And congratulations to any of you who are getting married! I know of at least two who occasionally visit here. So, again, congratulations!)

You look comfortable. Let me change that.

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Hello, Fluffsters.

I can’t tell you how glad I am that the challenge thing is over!

Now I expect to do a few more of the posts, again. And maybe we’ll actually go back to decent, pure fluff content, not all of the “what is comfortable” stuff.

On a related note, after all of those “comfort” posts of the month, I think you look comfortable. Let me change that. Here’s a picture of a deranged penguin.

A slightly loopy looking penguin

I’m not sure this penguin’s entirely sane…

And I just realized, that might make a good t-shirt! Give me a moment… And another… and… HERE WE GO!

New and Now

For a limited time, t-shirts, and other miscellaneous items with that design, are on sale in my CafePress shop. (Found in the “New and Now” section.)

So, thoughts: Should I have one with just the penguin? How about just “You look comfortable. Let me change that.”? Should I try to do an owl instead?

Comments are welcome and appreciated!

Happy Saturday, Fluffsters!

Boring Things I’m Calling Comfortable (3/6): T-Shirts

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Greetings, Fluffsters! Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great Memorial Day yesterday. (If any veterans or troops are reading this, thank you for your service! I greatly appreciate it.)

As you may recall from yesterday’s post, I’m turning this week into a series on boring things that I’m calling comfortable for the sake of the “comfort” challenge.

So, remind me why you signed up for it?

Because I thought it would be a good idea… I didn’t realize how boring it would get. Or that my target audience is so totally different from the usual readers of those sorts of things!

…So why are you still doing this?

Well, I’m not going to stop with 4 days to go! Anyways, I have a few ideas that will work for these posts.

Ok. You’re the Webmaster.

Thank you.

Anyways. Today’s topic is


T-shirts are comfortable for multiple reasons.

1) it’s good to wear clothing. It can be cold outside. T-shirts help protect your skin from weather. Going without a shirt would just be awkward, too.

2) T-shirts can be loose, and nobody cares. It’s a t-shirt. The only thing people care about with t-shirts is whether it says something cute or is a good color. Lime green, for example, is seldom a good color for a t-shirt. Just FYI.

3) They can be light-weight or heavy. If you get a light weight t-shirt, it can be a much cooler garment than other types of shirts. If you get a heavier one, it can be warmer than others.

4) No buttons. Self explanatory.

And this topic was a nice segue into another topic: I have opened a CafePress store! Right now, everything in it is on sale. Prices on most of those items will be going up a bit on Saturday.

But here’s where you come in: I want feedback. What sorts of things do you want to see in my store? More quotes? More images? Do you have a quote you want me to turn into a t-shirt? A favorite blog post you want me to turn into purchasable format? I want your opinions, Fluffsters!

Leave your comments below, and I’ll read ’em! Or if you’d rather contact me privately, you can reach me at Webmaster [at] (No spaces, of course. 😉 )

I look forward to hearing from you, Fluffsters! And again, Happy Tuesday.