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Comparing Thunderstorms in CA to MI– no comparison

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

As I mentioned earlier, I am currently not in my normal location. I am instead in Michigan, for basically a summer camp. And as I’m writing this (last night, from when this thing is posted), there is currently a three hour sever Thunderstorm warning!!!

And this T-storm is fantastic. I love storms.

It kindof reminds me of when I was in Northern California this last January, and the weather sortof tried to have a “severe” thunderstorm.

The comparison is a bit hilarious.

(In part because there is no comparison.)

The storm that’s currently going on (as I’m writing this, not as you’re reading this) is a severe storm. By Michigan standards. That means there’s almost constant lightning flashes, the Thunder is gradually crashing louder as the center of the storm approaches, and the parking-lot turned into a river within about ten minutes.

In Northern California, by contrast…

Well, from what I recall, there were about two little bangs of thunder. I kid you not about the “bang”, too. The CA thunderstorm really was essentially like a cartoon “gag gun” in style comparison– you know, the one where when you try to fire it a flag comes out reading “bang” rather than really shooting anything.

And yes, there may have been some “river-y” ness. But that’s primarily because CA was so dry, any amount of rain would have turned anything into a river.

It’s really, really neat being back in a place with full-on, legitimate crashing thunderstorms.

Have a great Monday!

Tutorial: Make Fake Windows in Photoshop (With Some Pics)

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Hey, Fluffsters!

Last night, I was up a bit too late again. But that was in part because of writing this post. But enough excuses. The main reason I stayed up too late was because I discovered a fun technique on Photoshop. I found a way to make fake windows!

Picture of a picture in a frame on a window frame.

All it took was a couple photos, Photoshop, and about 10 minutes… once I knew what I was doing

So, the two photos are completely separate, and started from these:

Pretty colorado mountains that get turned into a window view

This is the original view the “window” looks out on

Pretty building sillhuette at sunset

This is the one in the “frame”.

I next distorted the “view” picture using glass effects. I used the “frosted” glass option. For this one, I went with a small amount of distortion and a large amount of “smoothness”.

I then used vectors to create my frame shape, used a wood pattern I created a while ago to make the window look wooden, and bevelled the heck out of that layer. (Play around with it until you get something you like.) I used the “hard chisel” Inwards.

To create the frame shape, I used the rectangle tool. Next, I took three rectangles “out” of the shape, by using the “subtract” option on the rectangle tool. That’s what gives it the multi-paned look.

Have fun with the wood pattern… I don’t remember how I did that one.

Next I copied the “framed picture” into the image I was working with, on a layer above the frame. I resized it, and moved it to where I wanted. Next, I gave it a fairly thick black stroke. Make sure it’s thick- you’re going to bevel this one, too.

So as I just said, go to bevel. Use the “stroke” bevel. Make sure the depth is less than the thickness of your stroke.

Next, create a new layer the size of your “framed picture”. (This will be your shadow.) Fill it with a dark color, and move it behind your frame. Skew it until it gets to be about the shape you want. Turn the setting to “Multiply”. Then give it a “box blur.” (Again, play around with the settings until you like what it shows.)

And that’s it!

I’ve done a few others of these windows, and just reuse the window frame. (And really, that’s the hardest part. So once you create one, you’re set for a while!)

And there you have it! Other possibilities include “taping” pictures to the window or window frame. Or create more “framed pictures” to go on the “window sill.”

Then you can either use it as a desktop background on your computer (and look “outside” when you’re not working), or you can maybe stick it on a wall to give yourself an extra cool window.

Have fun!

I saw a Star Destroyer!!

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Tuesday!

So, last night was fun. I got to see a real live Star Destroyer!

Wait, you something capable of destroying a star?

Well, kinda. Basically, it was made out of clouds…

Oh. You mean you saw a cool cloud formation.

Well, yes. But it looked like a Star Destroyer! I’m serious- just look at this!

A cloud star destroyer

The Star Destroyer is in the lower middle

I do not see anything of note…

Ok, I’ll isolate it for you.

A more focused look at the star destroyer cloud

A little less distractions…

Unfortunately, the pictures really don’t do it justice. But it seriously looked like a Star Destroyer. And it was really cool!

Anywho. I hope you have a good day!

Castle in the Clouds

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Hello, Fluffsters!

The other day, I saw one of the prettiest cloud formations. It legitimately looked like a castle in the clouds.

Cloud Castle in a Sunset

It was also a very pretty sunset.

I wish that the picture had shown it a bit better, but I took this with my phone. So, yeah. It’s still a pretty picture!

Anywho, happy Monday!

On Top of the World

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Monday!

A couple days ago, I ha the opportunity to take some pictures from the air. The view was stunning, and I’m so glad I got that opportunity.

Basically, I was flying at sunset. With new TSA regulations, I was permitted to use the non cellular features of my phone, which included the camera option. So, here are two of my favorite shots:

Blueish clouds against a sunset backdrop- top view of the clouds

Lovely cloud formation, and early sunset

A sea of clouds against a fiery sky. (View from an airplane.)

Doesn’t it look like the sun is sinking into a sea of clouds?

My apologies for the graininess. But as with the photo a couple of nights ago, this was just a cellphone picture. Not bad for phone technology, don’t you agree?

Well, have a great week!

Silver Linings

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“Every cloud has a silver lining.” That’s some sort of common expression, right Fluffsters? And it’s supposed to be “happy cheery yay goodness sunshine and flowers!” in sentiment. Right?

Well I don’t get it. If every cloud has its silver lining, that is just scary.

Is this another of your “rainbows are out to get me” style conspiracies? If so, I’m leaving.

Is that a threat, or a promise?

Threat. You can’t get rid of me forever, you know. And who knows what mischief I could get up to? I might assassinate your 404 page, for example!

That… would be totally ironic.

But I digress. No, it’s not in the same exact style as the rainbows. I mean, in this instance I’m genuinely confused. Clouds with silver linings? And that’s a good thing?

I mean, there are two ways that that could happen.

1) The clouds have gaseous silver in them. If anyone came in contact with a cloud, then, they’d die. Painfully.

2) The clouds have genuine solid silver linings. In that case, the silver linings won’t stay up for very long. And instead, they’ll fall out of the sky. And probably hit some poor old granny on the head, and send her to the hospital! Or a child. Or a puppy. Any of those options would be horrible! Don’t you agree? I mean, isn’t it just a bit more than a bit disturbing?

…I thought you said this would be different from your rainbow post.

It is. For several reasons.

Oh no. You’re going to list reasons why this is different?

You asked! So here you go.

1) This is about clouds. Not rainbows. QED, it’s different from my rainbow post.

That does not count as a reaso-

2) This isn’t nearly as bad as a direct parallel would be. A direct parallel would be something like “the silver follows me everywhere I go.” Or “The NSA put the silver up there to amplify its abilities to spy on the American population.” No. This is genuine confusion, not paranoia.

So, wait. You admit that your fear of rainbows is paranoia?!

Hey, simply because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you!

…You got me there.


Anywho, happy Tuesday, Fluffsters! I hope your week has started well.

Clouds Inside Buildings? Why Not?

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Once again, I have found something from your world that actually impresses me.


Yes! Isn’t it shocking?

Anyways, this is something that seriously makes the actress in me jealous. Really jealous. A person has found a way to make clouds form inside a building.

Really? That’s so cool!

It really is! I’m shocked!

Anyways, readers, Happy Saturday!