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Ways to tell you need coffee

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Wednesday!

Today’s post is in part inspired by an event or more from yesterday… So, here are

Some ways to tell that you need coffee.

1) It’s the morning. If it’s the morning, you need coffee. No questions asked.

…Wait. Even if it’s 4:00am? When you’re supposed to be asleep?

…And that’s why I try to add qualifiers to what I say. Because when I don’t, stuff like that happens. Yes, Fluffy, you’re right. So, let me rephrase that:

1 b) It’s morning and you’re supposed to be awake. There. Better?

For now.

Good. Moving on, then.

2) You’ve got a long day ahead of you. Coffee is always a good option when you’re facing a long day. Even if it’s the middle of the afternoon.

3) You’re dealing with allergies. I don’t know how, but coffee (especially caffeinated coffee) actually helps relieve allergy symptoms. Crazy, huh? AND coffee has anti-oxidants!

4) You accidentally pour the creamer into the trash can and start to put the mini carton into your cup. That’s definitely a sign that you need the coffee.

5) You don’t have the mental capacity to decide between coffee and tea. If you’re having that sort of problem, you definitely need coffee.

There you go, Fluffsters! Five ways to tell that you need coffee. Happy Wednesday!

Five Uses for Feather Boas (Alright, Ten)

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Happy Tuesday, folks! I hope your week started off well.

Well, with Irish music like what I found yesterday, how could it not have?

My, aren’t we full of ourselves today?

Oh, you are too?

Anyways, I’m here today to talk to you about one of the most delightfully fluffy fashion accessories on the face of the earth:

The Feather Boa

A Feather Boa? Snakes on your world have feathers?

Oh. No. Not that type of boa. No, Feather boas are a fashion accessory! They look a bit like this:

An Illustration of a fuzzy furry feather boa

Purple Fluff, in Accessory Form!


Uh, what?

So. Flippin. Fuzzy. What do you even do with it?

Ah, how convenient! That leads me to the topic of:

Top Five Things to do with a Feather Boa

1) Wear it around your neck. It’s sort of like a big long feathery scarf.

That… would clash with everything. And it would get itchy.

Hush, Fluffy! Will you let me finish? Please?

Ok, ok, sorry. Finish your list…

Thank you. So as I was saying, if you wear it around your neck, it’s like a really long feather scarf. And really warm! After all, that fluff traps a lot of heat. It’s great for cold winter days.

2) Cut it to an appropriate length, and use it as a headband. Like with the scarf, it will keep your head warm. And be quite the daring look!

3) Give it to a child for dress-up. It adds instant class to any child’s wardrobe, and will let her have a lot of fun. The boas come in all sorts of colors! Hot Pink? Instant princess! Black? You’re princess Batman! Lime Green? Celebrity. And there are so many more!

4) Give to a child as a toy. And now the child can use it with her stuffed puppy as a leash! And that leash has such class.

5) Decorating. I haven’t actually tried this, but I imagine Red and Green Feather Boas can so easily be used to add festive cheer. Put them on the walls, around the windowsill, or anywhere where you’d normally use tinsel. This would provide a softer look. Let me know if that works? I imagine you can use pastel colors for a spring look. And so many more!

Well, there you go! Happy Tuesday!


I think this is where my main purpose comes into play… That was WAY to fluffy to be healthy. So, here we go:

Top 5 Things Fluffy Would Like to See Feather Boas Used For

1) fire-starters. Assuming they’re not made of non-flammable or toxic material, all that fuzz looks like it would start a fire amazingly. At the very least, it would get rid of the boa.

2) Fluffifier Decoys. Wanting to know who in the room is way too obsessed with fluff and fuzz? Pull out the feather boa. Toss it in some random direction. Watch and see how many people in the room go after it. Congratulations, you’ve now found all the Fluffifiers in the room!

3) Cleaning rag. Hopefully, by the time you’ve used it to wash enough greasy dishes, it will no longer be so… fluffy. At the very least, it will probably be a lot grungier, and therefore slightly less obnoxious.

4) A slingshot. And if you use sharp enough rocks or other projectiles, the fuzz will start to wear off. No more Feather Boa! Yay!

5) A rope Ladder. To a tree-house. Eventually, all that will be left is the base. And who knows, it might even attract more birds! And once again, you achieve the purpose of “no more feather boa.” And besides, what tree-house doesn’t need a snake-like creature hanging down from it?

And with that, readers, happy Tuesday!

Top 5 Uses for Mini-Marshmallows

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Hello, everyone!

I’ve been looking at my website, and came across a disturbing fact about this website.

Just one?

Seriously, Fluffy? You couldn’t come up with anything more creative than that?

Anyways. The problem: The only place (before today) that marshmallows are mentioned on this site is in my FAQ section. This is clearly problematic. Marshmallows and fluff are practically synonymous, after all! So I am here today to FIX this problem! And so, without further ado, here are my

Top 5 uses for mini-marshmallows.

1) Eat. Just plain. Or better yet, give to a five year old and see what happens. You’ll definitely not be bored after that!

2) Use for office/dorm-battles. What happens if you combine a mini-marshmallow and a rubber-band gun, anyways? Or forget the gun, let’s just use the rubber-band!

Mini Marshmallow rubberband slingshot

Mini-Marshmallows Incoming!!

It would probably work better with a) a thicker rubber-band, b) an actual holdy-thingy like real slingshots have, and possibly c) full size marshmallows.

3) Hot Chocolate. Of course. Or maybe coffee. Regardless, putting them into a hot beverage to melt. And then drink. But you probably knew that, since you’re smart and stuff.

4) Snowball fights in California. Or during the summer. After all, Christmas in July is a thing, right? Why not celebrate with a “snowball” fight? (Of course, it once again works better with larger marshmallows. But minis can still squish into relative “snowball” shape, which can then be used for throwing at people.)

5) Marshmallow Taffy. If you haven’t tried this, you need to. I’ve illustrated/written down the instructions/recipe for marshmallow taffy in the recipes section. So you should check it out.

I hope this gives you some ideas! But what about you? Do you have any favorite uses for Mini Marshmallows?