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Top 5 Uses for Mini-Marshmallows

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Hello, everyone!

I’ve been looking at my website, and came across a disturbing fact about this website.

Just one?

Seriously, Fluffy? You couldn’t come up with anything more creative than that?

Anyways. The problem: The only place (before today) that marshmallows are mentioned on this site is in my FAQ section. This is clearly problematic. Marshmallows and fluff are practically synonymous, after all! So I am here today to FIX this problem! And so, without further ado, here are my

Top 5 uses for mini-marshmallows.

1) Eat. Just plain. Or better yet, give to a five year old and see what happens. You’ll definitely not be bored after that!

2) Use for office/dorm-battles. What happens if you combine a mini-marshmallow and a rubber-band gun, anyways? Or forget the gun, let’s just use the rubber-band!

Mini Marshmallow rubberband slingshot

Mini-Marshmallows Incoming!!

It would probably work better with a) a thicker rubber-band, b) an actual holdy-thingy like real slingshots have, and possibly c) full size marshmallows.

3) Hot Chocolate. Of course. Or maybe coffee. Regardless, putting them into a hot beverage to melt. And then drink. But you probably knew that, since you’re smart and stuff.

4) Snowball fights in California. Or during the summer. After all, Christmas in July is a thing, right? Why not celebrate with a “snowball” fight? (Of course, it once again works better with larger marshmallows. But minis can still squish into relative “snowball” shape, which can then be used for throwing at people.)

5) Marshmallow Taffy. If you haven’t tried this, you need to. I’ve illustrated/written down the instructions/recipe for marshmallow taffy in the recipes section. So you should check it out.

I hope this gives you some ideas! But what about you? Do you have any favorite uses for Mini Marshmallows?

Another Fluffy Owl Picture

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Hello, everyone!

For your fluffy enjoyment today, I did another doodle. This time of an elephant owl. A fluffy owl.

Cute fluffy owl staring at you

Fluffy Small Owl is LOOKING AT YOU!

So, Webmaster… Why did you cross out “elephant”?

Well, the main difference between an owl and an elephant is the wings. Elephants’ wings are known as “ears”. Owls’ wings are known as “wings.”

Seriously?! It’s like you haven’t even lived in the real world! Are you, in fact, truly in that dimension?

Well, I think so.

And hey, you asked.

I know… You’d think I’d learn, wouldn’t you?

Anyways, Happy Friday! I hope you have a great weekend.

Owls Illustrate Old Words

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Hello, everyone! Tonight, a friend shared a link with me that I think everyone who comes to (or is) this site will like.

Even me?

Well, I don’t know of anyone else who is the site, do you?


Exactly. Anyways, it’s a link about words. That haven’t been used for a while. And maybe should be.

You’re interested in a site about words, and the history of them?

See? I thought you’d find it interesting!

What makes it interesting for me is that it’s illustrated by owls. Cute, fluffy owls.

Oh. That would do it, I suppose.

So go up there and check it out, alright? And happy Thursday!

Site of Interest: Book-A-Minute

Hello, everyone! Happy Wednesday!

You know, you should really figure out a more interesting opening to your blog posts…

It’s not as though you do any better on any of your posts.

But as I was saying, it’s Wednesday! By about noon today, you’ll be halfway done with the work-week, school-week, whatever-part-of-the-week-you-call-it-week! And do you know what that means? Free time is coming up!

That’s… planning ahead.

I admit to being surprised, Webmaster!

Yup. I try!

Anyways, since you’re going to have free time, here’s a great site to spend some of it on. It’s a website that ultra-condenses books, called book-a-minute.

Wow… I just visited that. You meant ultra-condenses books. That’s slightly scary.

Yeah! It’s better than Sparknotes!

Please don’t tell me you’re actually using these to get what the story is about. Please.

No. You’re not serious…?

Happy Wednesday! I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, and find that site useful and fun.

Faith in Justice System = Restored

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You know, I have actually regained some hope for your world.

Really? That’s good to hear!

Yes. Apparently, even though there is a fair bit of corruption, there are some people who hold themselves to the same standards that they hold others.

You mean like me?

Let us not go there.

I was actually talking about a judge who found himself in contempt of court.

Oh. That’s pretty cool!

Indeed. Anyways, happy Tuesday, everyone!

You don’t stay alive as a spy by… (Top 5)

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Hello, everyone! Happy Monday!

Today’s post is another “Answer the Question” one.

Please. Just no more muffin flavored shrimp, ok?

Don’t worry! Not in this post. No, today’s question was:

Finish the following sentence: “You don’t survive as a spy by…”

I got a variety of answers. Some of them made sense. Others, like “eating porridge”, “Eating fried chicken”, “being the slowest fish in the pond”, and “Kissing hands” were a little… confusing.

What’s confusing about them?

Clearly, where food is concerned, that points out one of two things. Either

1) eating exclusively those things. That’s, after all, going to draw attention to you. Or

2) The food is poisoned.

…Oookay, then!

So, slowest fish in the pond?

Well, then you lose your cover when you try to escape.


Well, anyways. Back to the Top Five Answers to:

You Don’t Survive as a Spy By

1) Jumping Off Buildings. This seems fairly obvious. Especially if you’re talking skyscraper-sized buildings. Even jumping into the water. That can at the very least be extremely painful (which might lead to permanent injuries which prevent you from being a spy). The worst, of course, is that you literally don’t survive.

2) Telling the Truth. “Hello, ma’am! I’m here as a spy of your country’s arch-enemy. Could you please tell me your country’s secrets?” That clearly just doesn’t work. Bad life (and career) choice.

This leads us to our next one.

3) Person1  asks a question of Person2. From behind the closed, locked door comes the answer, from Person3. “How long have you been listening at the keyhole, Person3?” Person1 asks. Person3 enters sheepishly, and says, “Well, you don’t survive as a spy by-“

Revealing how long you’ve been listening at keyholes. Reveal how long you’ve been listening, and they might come after you.

…Uh, “they”?

Shh. You interrupted the list! “They” is a device to make the list more mysterious. Since we’re talking about spies and stuffs.

But as I was saying,

4) Starting a sentence with “You don’t survive as a spy by…”. There’s no surer way of killing your career as a spy by telling people that you’re trying to survive as a spy. You’ve just revealed your profession. This goes with number 2, and that just doesn’t work.

And finally, You don’t survive as a spy by…

5) Dying. Although this may seem obvious, it is important to remember! You can’t survive by dying. So you certainly can’t survive as a spy by dying!

So, there you have it. Five ways to not survive as a spy. If you’re a spy, I recommend you don’t follow any of these. Unless you’re spying on my country. Then you totally should. Especially number 4.

Wow. Subtle.

Thank you!

Why do I even try sarcasm? Why do I even try?

Oh, that was sarcasm again? My bad…

And once again, happy Monday, everyone! I hope you have a wonderful week.

Fluffy (computer-smudge-art-drawn) Bunny!

Hello, everyone!

Happy Sunday! I hope you have a blessed day.

Anyways, I’ve realized that there’s a distinct lack of fluffy bunnies on my website. So I’m here to (somewhat) fix that.

…Really? ANOTHER pointless, content-less post?

Well, not entirely pointless. You get to see a hand-done picture of a bunny!

Fluffy Bunny! Or Fluffeh Bunneh. Hand-done with a computer

Hand-Done Fluffy Bunny, via smudge-art!

Oh goody. I’m so thrilled. Words cannot express…

Aww, thank you!

You know? I really miss in-person interactions. I can’t tell when you know that I’m being sarcastic.

Anyways, happy Sunday!

And The Ducks’ Names are…

Hello, everyone! Happy Friday!

The votes are in, and the photobombing ducks‘ names are (by the choice of the readers): Pip & Squeak! Pretty Pip the Purple, and Sir Squeak the Squirmy.

I expect that they will probably be showing up in a story some time soon. But for right now, would you believe that they bombed a family photo?

Two Ninja Ducks photobomb a duck family photo

Pip and Squeak photobombed a FAMILY PHOTO?!

Again, thank you for helping me name them!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Name the Ducks!

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Ok, now that that’s over with…Hi! As you may recall, in yesterday’s post I posed a challenge for naming two photobombing duck ninjas. Today, I’m asking for your favorites!

When will I learn that the Webmaster’s serious whenever she plans on making things multiple parts?!

So anyways, here are the favorites:

1) Black Ninja, and Purple Ninja.
2) Pip & Squeak,
3) Muaha & Haha, for the purpose of “MUAHAHAHA” excuses,
4) Slartibart & Craig
5) Scout and Bandit

So, I’d like it if you would weigh in! I’d like to hear your thoughts.

(And it might not be too late to submit a name. If you come up with something absolutely perfect, please submit it. And readers, if you see a name in the comments that you think looks amazing, let me know!)

Happy Thursday!

**Update: Another set of names I like: Merry & Pippin.**